There are many unfortunate people in this world suffering from all types of health conditions and some just don’t feel as good as they can.  We live in a time where it is much more convenient to eat out or to just buy many of our foods ready made.  Eating this way does not help our body run in the best way we can.  Ready made foods contain far less nutrition and far too many preservatives, additives, food colorings, sugars, msg and a wide range of other things that we don’t need.  We also consume far too much white flour products.  White flour products are chemically bleached and have the wheat bran removed which contains both fiber and nutrition.  After depleting the wheat they then add synthetic iron which is not the best type of natural iron that our body can get by eating whole foods.

Also with today’s farming practices we are faced with foods grown with pesticides, herbacides, round up ready, GMO, and grown on commercial farms that are depleted of the natural substances needed to allow our food to be as full of vitality as what they might have been hundreds of years ago or if we were raising our own foods organically.

Adopting a “new” way of eating can help our health in so many beneficial ways.  Cutting out processed foods and cooking and preparing whole foods can really make a huge difference in our health and the way we feel.  My family has adopted a mainly paleo diet/lifestyle.  I’m not going to say we don’t on occasion eat something that is processed because that would not be truthful.

I organically raise over 90% of the meat we eat.  I also garden, forage, can, sprout, and ferment our foods and when time permits, I also go hunting.  Is it more work?  Yes it is but time spent at my home doing these things, prevents me having to run to the over priced grocery stores every week.  It’s actually quite freeing!  I would much rather stay at home then have to spend my time running to get the items I need all the time.  I love it!

I believe adopting a “cleaner” way of eating can greatly improve and in many cases reverse many health issues.   Think about how life might be if one felt their best.  We all deserve to feel our best!


This list consists of the dozen most highly sprayed fruits and vegetables and whenever possible should be purchased organically, as well as a list of the 15 fruits and vegetables that have the least amount of pesticides and are considered more safe if one cannot buy organically.


    1. Strawberries
    2. Spinach
    3. Nectarines
    4. Apples
    5. Peaches
    6. Celery
    7. Grapes
    8. Pears
    9. Cherries
    10. Tomatoes
    11. Sweet bell peppers
    12. Potatoes

    1. Sweet corn
    2. Avocados
    3. Pineapples
    4. Cabbage
    5. Onions
    6. Frozen sweet peas
    7. Papayas
    8. Asparagus
    9. Mangoes
    10. Eggplant
    11. Honeydew
    12. Kiwifruit
    13. Cantaloupe
    14. Cauliflower
    15. Grapefruit


Sprouting is an awesome way to grow things inside your home that you can eat and enjoy!  They are so easy to do also!  There are many things you can sprout.  We like broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and mung bean sprouts.  They are very easy to do and packed full of nutrition.  We add them to our sandwiches and salads and my youngest boys will just pull them out of the jar and eat them.






I have heard it said many times that our gut is our “second” brain.  Many people fight with digestive issues and candida.  Fermenting your own foods helps restore the “friendly” bacteria in your gut and can correct candida and digestive issues along with a wide variety of other things.  Fermenting is surprisingly easier than one may think.  I ferment all the time and we go through a lot!  I frequently make coconut milk yogurt (if you have not had a chance to try this, you have not truly lived!), both red and green sauerkraut, and carrot sticks.  I can’t keep my two youngest out of the sauerkraut and carrots!  I usually prepare my sauerkraut and carrot  batches on Saturdays and they are ready in a week.  Coconut yogurt takes 2 days.  If you haven’t though of trying to ferment your own foods you should give it some thought.  Its healthy and delicious!